A six-month course on democratic politics and liberal values for Myanmar youth

FNF Myanmar

A six-month course on” democratic politics, liberal values and research methodology”, jointly organized by FNF Myanmar and Yangon School of Political Science (YSPS), has successfully come to an end on July 30, 2018.

The six-month course, which took place at the Yangon School of Political Science on Mondays, was instructed by a freelance scholar, Bart Verheijen. The course started in February 2018, and approximately 10 students enrolled into this intensive research course.

During these past six months, the students were intensively trained on the principles of liberalism, liberal democracy and research methodology. In order to complete the course, the students were required to submit 3500-word essays on topics related to liberal philosophy and Myanmar politics.

The students read their final papers on July 30 2018 after revising their drafted versions under the guidance of Bart numerous times. These papers will later be published into a book so that those with intellectual curiosity about liberal philosophy can take a note on the perspectives of Myanmar students on liberalism.

YSPS has been a partner of FNF Myanmar for this course and the foundation believes that there would be much more similar collaboration with the school, when promoting liberal philosophy in Myanmar, in the future.