Liberal Development Policy in Times of China's Expansion


Talking about China with a prominent guest from Germany: Dr. Christoph Hoffmann, the speaker for development policy of the liberals in the German Parliament, acknowledges rising Chinese influence in Myanmar and the region.

Both Myanmar and the EU have to react. Most importantly, Myanmar must first end the Rohingya crisis and protect its minorities.

The EU then needs to develop a strategic approach for the region, support European investments and show why a democracy with human rights and a market based economy is worthwhile.

In a long run, the combination of political and economic freedoms will prevail.

Khin Khin Kyaw Gyi, head of the China desk of ISP Myanmar, presented her research at our Alumni event on China. She warns that most of the Chinese Investment in Myanmar is actually not related to the One Belt One Road initiative - there are many more projects.
Furthermore, China also tries to Influence Myanmar's population through social media as well as traditional media.
Khin Khin Kyaw Gyi also pointed out that China succeeds in becoming a role model for many people in Myanmar. This would be especially true for many Myanmar nationals who visit China and witness its impressive economic development.
If the West wanted to contain Chinese influence, more commitment in Myanmar and the region would be necessary.
Liberal development Policy in times of China’s Expansion was held at Lotte Hotel on 23rd November 2019 organized by FNF Myanmar .