Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Liberalism is the newest among the three pillars the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) has established in Myanmar. The program promotes liberalism awareness and supports the strengthening of economic freedom and economic development by collaborating with our local partners. Our partners are not limited to but include academics, think tanks, parliaments, political parties, civil society organizations, universities, education centres, business schools and other relevant agencies interested in liberalism and its expansion in Myanmar.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) operates Liberalism programmes across the world. In connection with these activities, our Liberalism pillar creates platforms for dialogue and cooperation for knowledge exchanges regionally and globally, which offer numerous opportunities for Myanmar liberal champions and institutions to work for political, economic and social progress in the country. Our program commits to research and develop informed debate to create effective and sustainable activities, even in the most challenging environments.

Under various activities and strategic partnerships, Liberalism pillar dedicates

  • To tackle political and economic issues and challenges in Myanmar, including access to market, freedom of information, freedom of expression, governance, to name a few,
  • To build liberal capacity in Myanmar,
  • To explore liberal roots in Myanmar context and
  • To nurture liberal champions among the new generation.