Game – An Innovative Approach to Civic Education?


Game – An Innovative Approach to Civic Education? 

Game Design (for board games and digital games) workshop was held in Bago, Myanmar, from 27 to 30 January 2020 and was supported by Freidrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar office.

Trainer Martin Silloats, a lecturer and researcher at Tallinn University in Estonia, shared the knowledge of Game Concept, Game Design Process, Game Core Mechanics, Avatars, and Game Design Documentation to the network of FNF Myanmar. 

FNF Myanmar supported Game Design workshop to encourage its partners to be more innovative in delivering liberal messages and values. 

Game Design Workshop provided an idea of how serious messages could be conveyed to people in a fun and interesting way while encouraging them to learn real-life examples. 

Mr. Silloats supported the participants of the workshop to work together in a team to develop their own game concepts, eventually transforming the concepts into prototypes at the end. 

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar Office will grant one concept which draws the best interests of FNF work locally and globally. 22 participants attended this workshop and five concepts were delivered to the foundation.