FNF launches ‘Introduction to Liberalism’ book in Myanmar

FNF Myanmar


FNF in Myanmar invited to a book launch of the newest publication Introduction to Liberalism’ in Yangon, Myanmar on June 18, 2018. About 110 participants attended the event.

Siegfried Herzog, FNF’s Regional Director for Southeast Asia and East Asia, gave a public lecture and discussed liberal principals.

“For liberals organizing society should be around maximizing individual freedom. Because we need freedom to fulfill our own inherent human potential. No one can lead your life better than yourself, no one can make decisions about your life better than yourself. You yourself are the master of your dreams, aspirations and your skills. So you should be able to decide how to live your life, how to fulfill your potential”, Siegfried Herzog stated.

Katrin Bannach, Head of Thailand and Myanmar Programmes, explained that this book is meant for everyone who wants to learn more about liberalism. The book can be an interesting read for different actors, e.g.  CSOs, MPs, political parties, and government staff.

The book contains five chapters of classical liberal texts:”Freedom” by Dahrendorf, “Property” by Hernando Soto, “Rule of Law” by Friedrich A.von Hayek, “Liberalism today – Freedom First” by Stefan Melnik and “Liberalism Monograph” written by Stefan Melnik. 

The attending asked informed and critical questions, leading to a lively debate on liberal perspectives.